Howard and Jean Lander are the matriarchs of Otonabee Squares. They started the club in 2009.

OS Christmas Party 2019
OS Christmas Party 2019

2019-Dec-9 Christmas Party.
There were 8 squares of dancers at this party.
A pre-Covid event.

Howard & Jean Lander's driveway summer dance. Year ????

Wayne & Anne Hare receiving a T&D Merit award

Ute Margref, a square dancer from Germany, is visiting her Canadian relatives. Ute was here Monday, 2018-June-4th. She's with Fred Olson and caller Wayne Whatman (middle).

Wayne & Anne Hare receiving their "Trillium Long Service award".

Wayne Whatman receiving a "Trillium Long Service award" for him and wife Brenda

Dancing at Keith Wightman School 2009

Dancing at Keith Wightman School 2009

2009/10 In the Spring of 2009 Howard and Jean Lander decided that if square dancing was to continue in Peterborough, there needed to be a club for the beginner level.
In discussion with Orren and Eileen Day (long time dancers with Lift Lock) they decided to get Lift Lock's old address lists and see if there were drop out dancers they could persuade to get back into square dancing. The Day’s suggested that we get Sharon Rae on board as she had been one of the dancers who was in the basic group when Lift Lock closed down it’s basic class.
We met at the Day’s house and made a list of potential people. Sharon, Eileen and Orren contacted these people. Some were keen to come back. In addition to get the word out about a new club, Howard and Jean spent two days driving around Peterborough and surrounding communities and put up notices wherever possible. We made use of all free advertising, including radio and TV community notice boards.
Wayne Whatman agreed that he would call for the group. The decision was made to rent a hall at Prince of Wales School and announce a start up. This would be an independent club from Lift Lock. We decided to call the club Otonabee Squares.
On Thursday, September 9th, 2009 we held our first dance. These were the people who attended that FIRST night:
Returning dancers: Sharon Rae, John and Lorna Dorrington, Ruth Peltz, Don and Shirley Seeley and Allan Bigelow. Dancers from Lift Lock: Wayne and Anne Hare, Howard and Jean Lander and Eileen and Orren Day. New dancers and some from Maple Ridge and other clubs: Bill Bonnell, Doris Buttar, Grace Day, Jackie Deschenes, Ingrid Fallaise, Joan Ferguson, Doreen Jones, Clara and John Manning, Lyn Miller, Angela Price, Bev Whibbs and Donna van Drunen. We did gain a few more dancers in the next few weeks. We danced at Prince of Wales School.
Some more of the dancers that first year included: Glen Barton, Donna Cowles, Charlie Lyle, Sandy Rudd, Cathy Breedon, Jill Cobb, David Hill, Lisa Fitzsimmons, Joanne McCrea, Chrissy Brann and Bryke Pasho, Allan Richmond, Kathy Bigelow, Wilma Smith, Peggy Staples, Bill Whit, Sandy Zimmerman, Gerry Hnatin, Fern Landon, Geri Gouglas, Linda Huggins, Maureen Hope, Anne Kossmann, Joyce Martell, Shirley Munro, Hilda Smith, Marg Derby, Audrey Deen.
In the first year Orren and Eileen Day were appointed as presidents. In March 2010 we held a special meeting to adopt our first Bylaws. At the end of January 2010 we held our first Frosty Fling dance. Doug Holmes was the caller along with Wayne Whatman. It was held at Grace United Church hall.
In the Spring of 2010 we moved our location to Knox United Church Hall.
At the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2010 our first elected executive was established. As follows:
President: -Sharon Rae, Vice President: -Alan Bigelow, Treasurer and registrar: -Ingrid Fallaise, Secretary: -Sandy Martin, Social Convenor: -Bunny Laing, Publicity and Advertising: -Howard and Jean Lander. We graduated 13 dancers on May 13, 2010.
2010/11 Beginning September 2010 we moved our dance night to Monday and danced at Knox United Church hall. This was done because Thursday night is traditionally both hockey night in Peterborough and also many churches have choir practice.
We adopted a new name badge for our club.
Jackie Deschenes created a webpage for the club. She still manages this webpage even though she have moved away from the area.
We began our second year with many new members. We graduated 24 dancers in the Spring 2011 At the end of January 2011 we held our second “Frosty Fling” at Westdale United church hall. It was a great success. Jeff Priest and Wayne Whatman were the callers.
In January 2011 we had to leave Knox United Church hall as it was being sold. We moved to George Street United Church hall.
At our AGM in May 2011 a new executive was elected; President: -Sharon Rae, Vice-president: -Mike Wood, Treasurer: -Ingrid Fallaise, Secretary: -Sandy Martin, Registrar: -Cathy Breedon, Social convenor: -Sandy Rudd, Publicity: -Howard and Jean Lander.
In the summer of 2011 we held 6 dances, Joe Uebelacker called for three and Wayne Whatman the other three.
2011/12 We started the dance season with many new dancers. We started holding Sunday Mainstream (MS) dances with invited callers. The intent was to give the MS dancers more floor time and exposure to other callers. Two dances in the Fall and two in the Spring. These were popular and attracted dancers from other clubs.
Frosty Fling, a very successful dance, was held at Westdale United Church hall at the end of January 2012. Dave Williamson was the guest caller.
To encourage new callers the club set up a caller bursary of $300 pa (per annum). Another initiative we started to encourage dancers to go our to other clubs to dance, was to use 50/50 money and pay a mileage allowance to a driver who took at least two passengers to a dance. We introduced two special dangles to encourage people to go to other dances and visit other clubs. January 2012 we started a new dancer class and ran it for 6 weeks on a Tuesday night. The first one was held at the Peterborough Lawn Bowling club and Wayne Whatman was the caller. In the spring of 2012 we amended our Bylaws to allow for co-sharing of executive positions.
At our AGM 2012 the following people were elected to the executive. Presidents: -Jennifer Moore and Sandy Martin, vice-president: -Bill Holley, Treasurers: -Anne Hare and Ingrid Fallaise, Secretary: -Robert Peckover, Registrar: -Mandy Smith, Publicity: -Jean and Howard Lander, Social Convenor: -Donna Van Drunnen and Gwen Wybenga, Past president: Sharon Rae.
Our first picnic was held July 29, 2012 at the home farm of Allan Bigelow. Sharon Rae was honoured as our past president.
2012/13 Dec 31, 2012 was the first New Year’s Eve dance, organized by Sharon Rae and her committee. This was very successful.
The club participated in the Warkworth Fall Fair in September.
In January 2013 we again held a beginner class for 6 weeks on Tuesday evenings at the Keith Wightman School. Joe Uebelacker was the caller. A very successful Frosty Fling dance was held at Westdale UC hall. Aaron Goodman was the caller, along with Wayne. A theme night of “Crazy Hats” was held. A dangle was given out to celebrate the event.
In March 2013 we did our first bus trip to the Baltimore dance in March. We decided to put money into busses rather than subsidize drivers in their cars. April 1st fell on a Monday this year so we had an “April Fool” dance. Gave out a dangle for this dance.
At our AGM held in May 2013 the following executive was elected. Presidents: -Jennifer Moore and Sandy Martin, Vice-president: -Bill Holley, Treasurers: -Anne Hare and Suzanne Barker, Secretary: -Anne Diamond, Registrar: -Margaret Keane, Social convenor: -Antoinette Mylan and Lynda Hainer, Publicity: -Howard and Jean Lander.
Summer dancing was held during June and July 2013 and a picnic driveway dance and summer picnic was held at the home of Howard and Jean Lander at the end of July.
2013/14 New Year’s Eve dinner and dance was held at George Street UC hall. Some club members provided musical entertainment and this was very popular.
Another successful Frosty Fling dance was held at the end of January 2014. Jim Lee was our guest caller.
New dancer classes were held for 6 weeks at Keith Wightman School. Joe Uebelacker was the caller.
Our Bylaws were amended during this dance season – 2013/14 and adopted in May 2014.
Shirts with the Otonabee logo were offered for sale by the club.
Plans got underway to celebrate our club’s 5th anniversary.
At the AGM on May 12, 2014 the following executive committee was elected. Presidents: -Bill Holley and Howard Lander, Vice-president: -Fred Olson, Registrars: -Margaret Kean and Maureen Newby, Secretary: -Myla Bell, Treasurers: -Anne Hare and Suzanne Barker, Social Convenors: -Antoinette Mylan and Lynda Hainer, Publicity: -Jean Lander.
July 2014 Our motor coach trip to the National Square dance convention in Ottawa took place. 34 people were on the coach.
5th Anniversary Picnic and Driveway dance was held on July 27th 2014 at the home of Howard and Jean Lander. Doris Buttar chaired this committee. 107 people attended, many previous dancers were able to attend.
We held a theme night “Nursery Rhymes” and there were many creative costumes. A dangle was given for their effort.
2014/15 Doris Butter and her committee arranged a successful New Year’s Eve dinner and dance. Wayne Whatman was the caller. Musical entertainment was provided by club members, organized by Fred Olson.
Doug Holmes was the caller for another successful Frosty Fling dance held January 25th 2015. Clara Manning’s beautiful gift baskets were raffled and the door prizes given out.
New dancer lessons were held in January and February for 4 weeks. The dancers joined the club to at our Valentine Ice Cream Sundae dance. 5 new dancers joined the club. We had a “recruiter” dangle available to people who brought a new dancer who became a member. We also started a “demo” dangle for those who come out to help with demo dances.
We graduated 15 dancers in 2015.
At the AGM on May 11, 2015 the following executive was elected.
Presidents: -Howard Lander and Fred Olson, Vice President: -Doris Buttar. Past President: -Bill Holley, Secretary: -Myla Bell, Treasurers: -Anne Hare and Suzanne Barker, Social: -Olga McQuay and Antoinette Mylan, Registrars: -Margaret Keane and Maureen Newby, Publicity: -Jean Lander.
The summer picnic in July 2015 was held at Beavermeade Park in Peterborough but was poorly attended.
2015/16 In September 2015, our program was changed to the following: Beginners 6:30-8pm, Mainstream teach 8-8:30pm and full Mainstream until 9pm.
In January and February 2016 we ran a beginner class with Joe Uebelacker calling. (Wayne called in Baltimore on Tuesdays).
Frosty Fling guest caller was Dave Hutchinson, along with club caller Wayne Whatman.
At our AGM on April 25, 2016, the following executive were voted in. Presidents: -Howard Lander and Fred Olson, Vice-presidents: -Doris Buttar and Allan Gault, Treasurers: -Karen Burleigh-Kerr and Suzanne Barker, Registrars: -Wayne Hare and Philippa Cobb, Social Convenor: -Heather Dummitt, Secretary: -Marian Olson, Publicity: -Jean Lander.
In June 2016 our club participated in the Senior’s Showcase at the Brealey Wellness Activity Centre. It was an all day event where we had a booth. We also participated in a similar all day event, Expo 50+, in September at the Evinrude Centre.
The summer driveway dance and picnic in 2016 was a joint effort with Lift Lock Squares and held on July 22 at the home of Howard and Jean Lander. Joe Uebelacker and Wayne Whatman called for the dancing and it was followed by a pot luck supper.
2016/17 On Saturday, October 1st we held a joint Lift Lock, Otonabee and Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association dance at Trinity United Church hall. Two halls. Callers were Barry Clasper, Tim Crawford, Wayne Whatman and Joe Uebelacker.
New Year’s Even dance was another successful event with 82 people buying tickets.
Frosty Fling was held on January 29, 2017 at Activity Haven Senior Centre. Over 100 dancers attended. Our guest caller was Jeff Priest, who shared the stage with Wayne Whatman.
We ran a new dancer class over two Saturdays. We got 8 new dancers from this class. Joe Uebelacker ran another new dancer class. 11 new members joined the club from this class. Our theme fun dance was held on April 3 and was called “”Take me out to the Ballpark”, a special dangle was given out.
In February we held a mainstream teach all day workshop. In addition to our own members, we had many visitors.
In late April 2017 we celebrated 42 new dancers joining the club during the 2016/17 dance season. A great year!
Our AGM was held on May 10, 2017 and included pizza supplied by the club. Great attendance! The following people were elected to the executive, Co-presidents: -Fred Olson and Doris Buttar, Vice-president: -Allan Gault and Charles Patterson, Treasurer: -Jim Weldon and Suzanne Barker, Co-Social Convenors: -Heather Dummitt and Evelyn Ditto, Registrar: -Wayne Hare. Co-secretaries: -Marian Olson and Sharon Gault, Co-publicity co-ordinators: Nelly Vanveldhuizen and Jean Lander.
Three indoor summer dances were held with Wayne Whatman calling. Outdoor dance and picnic was a joint event with Lift Lock Squares with Wayne Whatman and Joe Uebelacker calling.
History details provided by Jean Lander